SHIELD • The Teen Group at Faith

“Put on the full armor of God.” Ephesians 6:11

“Who are you?” For teenagers, identity is a big question; teens realize that identity is more than just your name. But it’s also more than your likes and dislikes. It’s more than what your favorite food, your favorite video game, your favorite band, or who your favorite football team is. It’s more than what social group you hang out with. It’s more than the posters that decorate the walls of your room. It’s more than your artwork. It’s even more than the grades you get at school. Those are all outside things. Who you are is deeper – more foundational than that.

You want proof? First, things change: your favorite food changes; the music you listen to changes; your social group changes; even where you live and go to school changes. But things don’t just change: they fall apart. Friends sometimes let you down. Relationships break. People pick on our looks or our personality. We make mistakes. We let others down. We say and do things we later regret. We get into trouble. You get the picture. If we build our identity – who we are – on these outside things, it’s leaves us feeling lost when these outside things change or fall apart. We need a solid, stable foundation to build our identity on.

Fortunately, we have that foundation – a foundation that remains constant, changeless, and strong. That foundation is Jesus. At SHIELD, teens will be weekly reminded of this absolute truth – that their identity remains a redeemed child of God. Every Sunday afternoon, teens will have the opportunity to build relationships with other Christian teens, to hang out, have fun, but most importantly to grow in faith in our Savior and build our identity on him and him alone. Join us!


  • Everyone ages 13-18
  • Invite your friends, too!

Where & When:

  • 1st Sunday of the Month – Bible Study @ The Townhouse, 5-7pm
  • 2nd Sunday of the Month – Dinner & Devotion @ TBD, 5-7pm
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month – Bible Study @ The Townhouse, 5-7pm
  • 4th Sunday of the Month – Fellowship Activity @ TBD


Snacks will be provided for the Bible Studies at the Townhouse on the first and third Sunday of each month. For Dinner & Devotion on the second Sunday of the month, the dinner will be provided free of charge. Teens on that Sunday will meet at our Teen Group Coordinator's house or the house of a teen group family for a short teen-based devotion, dinner and games. On the fourth Sunday of the month, SHIELD will be hosting a Fellowship Activity either on or off Faith’s campus. Some activities include bowling, mini golf, laser tag, go-carting, flag football, game night, a bonfire, or a trip to the local movie theater. Some Fellowship Activity Sundays will be service opportunities, like our adopt-a-highway cleanup or being a part of Faith's outreach. Costs for each month's Fellowship Activity will be communicated accordingly.

Our Team:

Teen Group Coordinator – Sherry Kangas

Activity Coordinator – Laura Kvidt

Activity Coordinator – Matthew Curtis

Bible Study Leader – Vicar Daniel Schmidt