Book of Twelve Bible Study

Join us for new Bible study at Faith!

Find answers to modern questions in ancient texts.
  • The prophet who married a prostitute
  • What does real repentance look like?
  • The problems of prosperity
  • God has your back
  • Right doctrine isn't enough
  • Stomping on sin
  • Why isn't God fair?
  • Back to the future
  • Getting in the last word
  • and more...

Taught by Pastor Schroeder
Beginning September 11, at 9:15am.
Room 4

Hosea - How Forgiving is God [PDF]403.11 KB
Joel - What Does Real Repentance Look Like [PDF]501.42 KB
Jonah - Is Right Doctrine Enough [PDF]131.8 KB
Habakkuk - Why Isn't God Fair [PDF]119.13 KB
Zephaniah - What is God's Forgiveness Like [PDF]144.71 KB
Haggai - Give Careful Thought [PDF]118.5 KB
Nahum - Can God be mocked? [PDF]545.96 KB