Mission & Ministry - Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Take Up The Sword

The Apostle Paul was a team player. Even though we generally think of Paul by himself, Paul was almost always working with other people. Sometimes it was Peter, other times Silas, Barnabas and others. Paul did this because he knew that even though God had gifted him greatly with talents, God had also gifted him with brothers and sisters in ministry.

Part of the curriculum at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary is a three day conference called Mission & Ministry. Over three days, students are exposed to expertise and experiences from pastors in different areas of ministry in the United States, missionaries across the world, and special ministry assistance groups in our national church body. We do it for the same reason Paul kept brothers in ministry around, we know that we can't do it all ourselves. Through Mission & Ministry, we learn how ministry gets done on the ground and what resources we have as we go into ministry.

This week is Mission & Ministry, and I, along with my fellow students had the privilege of a good friend and a great teacher, Pastor Schroeder. He presented a keynote address on "Using a Harvest Strategy in Your Preschool" and three small group sessions on "Using your Pastoral Time Efficiently." Not only was it wonderful to see him and catch up, it was wonderfully beneficial for the men who didn't get to spend a year with Pastor Schroeder like I did to learn just a little bit of what he is passionate about.

Thank you to the members of Faith for sharing your pastor with us so we can all learn from him.
I love and miss you all.

Caleb Schultz