Camp South 2015

4th-8th graders have an amazing experience...

Last week, 20 kids from Faith Lutheran went to "Camp SOUTH" in Covington, GA for a week of fun with kids from all across the South Atlantic part of the country. Accompanied by their chaperones, Vicar Caleb Schultz and Mrs. Kerri Madden, the kids had an non-stop, fun-filled week of activities, games, Bible study, and worship. 300 kids were in attendance at the camp this year. That's the most ever for Camp SOUTH!

This year's theme was "God's High Seas Adventures." The stories, Bible studies, and activities surrounded nautical and water themes. We heard about how Jesus walked on the water and washed his disciples' feet. We heard how Moses parted the Red Sea, and how Jesus saves us through our Baptism.

Check out this video from Camp to see how much fun we had!

If you have never sent you kids to Camp SOUTH, you can start thinking about next year! Wait for e-mails from Vicar Van Sice in the Spring and make sure to reserve your spot.