Teen Group helps out at New Beginnings

One man's trash is...

One purpose Faith Lutheran's Teen Group is service to our community. This past Saturday, we did that by helping out at New Beginnings Thrift Store in Newnan. New Beginnings benefits the Community Welcome House, an organization that protects, houses and supports women who are victims of domestic violence.

We spent a couple hours in their back room sorting through bags and boxes of clothes, tagging them and putting them out in the store. We really had a great time to doing it. It's amazing some of the things people will give to thrift stores. Some things make you say, "That's so cool!" and others make you want to wash your hands two or three times, but all in all it was a great experience and I believe we will head back to volunteer there again in the future.

Vicar Caleb Schultz

If you're interested in our Teen Group and our service and fun events, contact Vicar Schultz at 770-253-4007.