Teen Group Kick-Off Party!

Your Life, His Purpose

The Apostle Paul once wrote, "To live is Christ, to die is gain." (Philippians 1:21) That was a little too real of a possibility on Sunday night. Although we started outside and spent almost an hour out there playing frisbee, football, soccer, chatting and chowing down on 2 THREE FOOT SUBS, we had to head inside when the weather started threatening. I was afraid that someone might get struck by lightning at my first Teen Group Event! (AHHH!)

But thankfully, no one died, and we got to learn that there's a good reason that no one died... Because God has a purpose for us.

Once inside, we studied our theme for the year, which is "Your Life, His Purpose" based on Ephesians 2 where Paul writes that God has saved us from our sin not because of who we are or what we've done, but simply because of his grace. Does that mean we should just sit on our hands and wait to go to heaven? No!! There are only two things you can do on earth that you can't do in heaven, sin and work for God. Why do you think God is leaving you on this earth? We were "created in Christ Jesus to do good works!"

Everything we do this year will fall under that theme. We intend to study God's Word regularly, serve our church and community, and grow a Christian peer group through different projects and events.

As far as the rest of the night went, we had a couple rousing games of "Catch Phrase," and some intense "Scattergories." We had about 25 teens attend, and everyone went home well fed and encouraged to not fear because God has chosen us for our calling in his kingdom. (Isaiah 41:9-10)

If you have a teen and you aren't on our mailing list for teen events, just e-mail me at calebkschultz@gmail.com. We're going to have a lot of fun this year!

Serving Jesus with you,
Vicar Schultz