Fish Fry Recap

We had our funnelcakes...and ate them, too

If you're wondering how the first ever Faith Friday Fish Fry turned out, you need only glance at the photo above to know exactly how great it was. It's true that inclement weather forced our Friday Fish Friday to be rescheduled to Sunday night, but we didn't let that bother us. Over 150 folks turned out on a b-e-a-utiful Sunday afternoon to enjoy some food and fellowship.
A professional squad of veteran food-fryers dusted off the skills they had previously employed at Faith's booth at the Airshow. Others sliced and diced and seasoned 50 pounds of red potatoes to roast in the smoker. Chicken tenders and slaw and tea rounded out our menu, and all received good reviews.
NCAA basketball streamed down the hill and was projected on a screen, allowing fans of Kentucky and Connecticut basketball to watch their teams win and making fans of Michigan and Michigan state glad that at least they were outside on a beautiful night, eating a delicious dinner, surrounded by friends from Faith.
Thank you to all who made this first Faith Friday Fish Fry a success, and we're looking forward to an even greater time next year!

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