Notice the clean highway?

Thank the Teen Group!

The next time you're riding along the stretch of Highway 34 between Fischer Road mile west of Fischer Road, take a look at the greenery on the sides of the road. Appreciate seeing only green grass and not a bunch of trash. Then look at the sign at the end of that stretch. It says this stretch of the road has been adopted by Faith Lutheran Church.

Our church's Teen Group worked hard last Saturday to make that stretch of road look so good. They also showed themselves to be good stewards of God's creation and helpful members of our community. Members of our Faith Family should be proud of their work, their camaraderie, and their willingness to spend a Saturday serving in this way.

We can be sure of at least a couple other things, as well: (1) They love donuts--You should have seen how fast pre-cleanup breakfast disappeared! (2) These young drivers and drivers-to-be will definitely give roadside workers a 'brake' and a wide berth, and (3) they can't imagine ever littering--not after spending three hours cleaning up to-go cups, grocery bags, soda cans and water bottles. Thank you so much, teens, for your participation!