A Wonderful Week at Camp South

Twelve children enjoy a great week

From July 22nd to July 26th, twelve children from Faith enjoyed five days at Camp South, a WELS camp for children entering grades four through eight. Held at the FFA Camp in Covington, GA, these twelve boys and girls spent five wild and crazy days making new friends, enjoying God's beautiful creation, and growing in their faith.

The whole camp was run as a Survivor-themed challenge, so all 130 children were divided into four teams for fun competitions. Included among these challenges were Water Balloon 500, Lily Pad Leap, You Can't Win Trivia, and Iron Chef: S'more edition, plus lots of others. The children loved running the mudder course (that's Grant in the picture, conquering the tower section), although their washing machines weren't thrilled. Another popular attraction was The Blob. Mere words are not enough to describe the awesomeness that is The Blob, so visit http://www.georgiaffacamp.org/Blob.htm for pictures and videos of it. Another sweet attraction was the zip line, a 550 foot ride that ends by splashing you into the lake! One of the most popular things to do was to ride the 200 foot Slip 'N Slide, which is, incredibly, way more fun than it sounds.

Besides competing in the Survivor challenges and enjoying the mudder course, blob, slip 'n slide, and zip line, the children also spent time growing in their faith. They enjoyed two devotions and one Bible study each day. The devotions included song time, where the kids learned some sweet tunes and sang their hearts out. Each faith-building session was based on one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, in keeping with the camp's theme: "Men on a Mission." As they learned more about the apostles, they were encouraged to emulate them and share their faith with others.

A short article like this doesn't do justice to the great experience that all the kids enjoyed at Camp South. Visit https://vimeo.com/71117176 for an awesome slideshow that captures many of the great moments and happy faces during camp. There are pictures in the first half and some sweet videos in the second half. Check it out, and watch how we Shared Our Unity Through Him (that's why it's called Camp S.O.U.T.H.).

All in all, it was a great week. The children made new friends, spent time with old ones, and had a blast with all the games and activities. Most importantly, they grew in their relationship with their Savior and didn't drive their chaperones crazy. Many thanks to Jenny Schroeder and Vicar Chartrand for supervising the crew from Faith.