Flying High After Sky Zone

A fun trip full of ups and downs

On Wednesday, July 17th, nine teens and three chaperones from Faith headed up to Roswell for an afternoon at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park. After a boisterous ride up to Sky Zone, we walked in and were floored by the sight - a huge room filled with trampolines. Even the walls were trampolines. It was amazing! We got checked in, then channeled our inner child and started jumping.

Our group made full use of all the fun at Sky Zone. We jumped on their main trampoline floor, and were literally bouncing off the trampoline walls. A few of us even got up the courage to try some high-flying acrobatics and stunts. One particularly amusing moment was watching one of our summer workers (who shall remain nameless) try to land a backflip. We also played a few games of 3-D dodgeball, which is even more fun than it sounds. We played on a trampoline court where we dodged, ducked, dipped, dived, and dodged our way to new heights in this high-flying game of dodgeball. We also enjoyed jumping into the giant foam pits they had there. Finally, we tried our hand at high-flying dunks on their basketball rims, where we learned firsthand that what comes up must, in fact, come down.

After jumping for an hour, everyone was sweaty and tired. Naturally, we piled into the close confines of our vehicles, and headed south. After fighting through a bit of traffic, we stopped at a Chick-Fil-A for some snacks, shakes, and ice cream. After ruining our dinners, we headed back to church, where parents came and picked up all the tired jumpers.

Thanks to everyone who came and had fun! A special thank you to the MMAs for helping drive and chaperone, and to the Schroeder family for letting us ride in style with their minivan.