Teen Group Hits The Skating Rink

Surprisingly, No One Sings Vanilla Ice

Saturday, January 26th, dawned bright and cold. Thankfully, the Teen Group wasn't leaving until the afternoon, so that didn't matter. Just after lunch, a small group of teens (motto: "Friction is overrated") from Faith gathered at church. Destination: downtown Atlanta for an afternoon of ice skating. After a smooth trip in a luxury minivan, the intrepid group made their way from a poorly chosen parking spot to the ice rink in Centennial Olympic Park.

After catching our first glimpse of the ice rink and the disco ball hanging over it, our group lamented the fact that we hadn't dressed for a 90s dance party. It was a difficult cross to bear, but somehow we soldiered on. Upon agreement not to turn the ice rink into a makeshift Roller Derby arena, we hit the ice. For some of our group, this phrase was painfully literal. For others, not so much. Some wobbled, some teetered, some glided, some ice danced, and some zipped around the ice - but all had a great time.

Highlights of our time on the ice included:
- Dodging the people who failed to understand that ice is slippery
- Watching the skate guard show his prowess on the ice (picture a bow-tied man performing spins and jumps. It was awesome.)
- Waving and making faces at the live webcam
- Watching a group in the middle of the ice who had apparently mistaken the ice rink for a dance club (think "conga line on ice")
- Practicing for the (hopefully) upcoming Disney movie, "Mighty Ducks: D4"

After an hour and a half, we decided that our ankles had had enough for one day. Back on solid ground, we headed over to the CNN building, where we rewarded ourselves with Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, and Wendy's - a worthy reward for an afternoon of risking bruised backsides and chafed ankles on the ice. After the food was gone, vicar managed to herd the teens back to our chariot for the day. We returned to church, flushed with pride over a successful and fun outing.

Many thanks to everyone who came out and skated. A special shout-out to the Schroeder's minivan for allowing us to ride in style.